Explorer Quest

explorer quest nurseryWelcome to Explorer Quest

By now your little one is starting to walk and explore their surroundings, they need new opportunities for climbing and balancing and new experiences such as sand and water. Our 'older babie's room' is perfect for them to learn and develop in a safe environment. In these two large rooms they can find and manipulate textures in the large messy play space. Learning to play alongside their friends they can explore the small world toys and interacting with key workers will build on communication skills and language. Treasure boxes and circle time give them chance to take turns and build on their emerging social skills. The room team will plan appropriate activities to encourage the children to 'have a go' at new experiences and this will inform the future planning for each individual child and the group.

Family Time

Toddlers with older siblings in the nursery may spend time with brothers and sisters in order to establish further the family bond in other appropriate rooms or outside.
Parents are welcome to spend time with their child whilst they settle into the nursery or may choose to view them while they settle on CCTV monitor in the office until they feel comfortable to leave. Settling in sessions are offered to encourage an easy and happy transition for all. When you collect your child at the end of their session we will share information on your child's day in a diary which will include nappy changes, feeds and play experiences. We value parents as their child's main educator and love to hear about your child's home experiences by encouraging parents to write in the diary so that we can share and support your child's home learning.


If you would like any support from our experienced and qualified team please ask, we are happy to help and have information on local agencies and support groups in our reception area. You are welcome to view any of our policies and procedures in the file in the reception area by the nursery entrance.