Call or text to noitify the team if your child will not be attending today or if you will be late to collect your child

First Quest Day Nursery

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QEST @ Stoke Prior Site:

0753 400 7824


Denise Phelps: 07910 114 988 Helen Dear: 07914 794 821

Up to date Information

In order to maintain the very best care for all of the children at QEST clubs, we would request that parents/carers keep the team informed of any changes in your child’s health.

If your child develops an allergy or health concern it is important to approach a member of the team in the strictest confidence to inform them and make changes to your registration form.  You may be asked to complete a further health plan if necessary for your child to include diet and care requirements while your child is at the club.  Although the appropriate number of staff on the premises are first aid trained you may be asked to support the team in any further training that maybe necessary for the health of your child i.e. the use of epipens.