Call or text to noitify the team if your child will not be attending today or if you will be late to collect your child

First Quest Day Nursery

01905 799 353


QEST @ Stoke Prior Site:

0753 400 7824


Denise Phelps: 07910 114 988 Helen Dear: 07914 794 821

Sickness and Holidays

If your child will not be attending Breakfast club please ring the QEST no. the evening before or by 8am on the morning of the absence.

If your child will not be attending the after school or holiday club please notify us by phone or text as soon as possible.

All non attendance due to sickness or holiday during term time will be charged in full.

If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 24hrs please do not bring them into club, this helps to prevent the spread of infection between the children and the staff.

Let us know that they are unwell by ringing the relevant QEST number or leaving a text message as soon as possible.