Call or text to noitify the team if your child will not be attending today or if you will be late to collect your child

First Quest Day Nursery

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Denise Phelps: 07910 114 988 Helen Dear: 07914 794 821

Drinks and Snacks

We will offer the children a light snack when they arrive at the club from school.

This will consist of sandwiches, pitta bread with ham and cheese, beans/spaghetti on toast or soup, followed by fruit if required.  Government guidelines suggest we should only offer water or semi skimmed milk to drink and can no longer offer cakes and biscuits at snack time, except for special occasions.

Parents we have spoken to have exclaimed that they like to have their main meal later as a family and so the snack is intended as just enough to keep the children going until their main meal in the evening.  During the holiday club you will be asked to provide your child with a packed lunch and then we will offer them a light snack as above later in the afternoon.

We will also be doing some cooking with the children so that they can create snacks to enjoy at the club – these may include pizzas, angel delight, popcorn etc.